Write For Us

Thump Magazine is one of the most popular blogs showcasing in world music and currently ranks in the top 50 blogs on sltopsites.com . Publishing a review in Thump Magazine exposes you to a global audience of interested and passionate music lovers. Thump Magazine is looking for talented people to write reviews of live artists and venues in second life.

Thump Magazine pays for every review it publishes. So, if your review is accepted for publication in Thump Magazine, we will pay you for it. Currently, we pay a minimum of $L 250 for every review printed in the magazine.

To submit a review for consideration, send the review along with two snapshots of the performer or venue reviewed (one close up, one distant) to Jenny Heying in world or email (jenny.heying@hotmail.com). Submitted reviews become the property of Thump Magazine and cannot be returned. Submission of a review does not guarantee publication. Only reviews published will qualify for payment.

We’re always interested in fresh content that’s relevant to the Second Life ™ music industry. If you have an idea for an article, contact Jenny Heying in world or email (jenny.heying@hotmail.com)